Privilege and the historicizing of monuments

Keith Harris steps into the weeds on monuments here, noting how utterly impractical it might be to untangle racist intent from the broader memorial landscape, and pointing to the useful interpretive value of preserving this intent in situ. To leave Confederate monuments in place—with updated interpretation—appears to be the post-Charleston consensus opinion among the right-thinking … More Privilege and the historicizing of monuments

Working provocation into existing interpretation

In my last post I passed along some high-concept (for small Civil War sites) programming suggestions for ways to create dialog at museums and historic sites surrounding Civil War memory and the Confederate flag. All of those ideas require time, money, and planning, and are rather, anyhow, out of the ordinary for most sites. But what … More Working provocation into existing interpretation

Letter to the Department of Cultural Resources on the Confederate flag

Below is a copy of a letter I sent to Secretary of Cultural Resources Susan Kluttz and Deputy Secretary Kevin Cherry. This version includes links. See below for a disclaimer that I did not include. I am not privy to the most recent conversations within DCR regarding this issue, so I’d be glad for correction … More Letter to the Department of Cultural Resources on the Confederate flag

throat clearing

Thinking of cranking this thing back up, so I have updated the theme. Everything below this post I composed over a year ago–so historicize those, please. And it looks like all my links were lost with the theme change.