History weekend

  • Went to Atlanta to see the Bigwigs talk about things. You have my thoughts. The number of people I caught up with was equal to the number of people there that I missed.
  • Returned to the Carolinas just in time to see an old friend eviscerate hogs. I think I’m going to add a unit on hog butchering for my class. We followed up by eating at Bridges in Shelby. Oh, yeah. IMG_2126


  • Today I went to a monument dedication at St. John in the Wilderness in Flat Rock. The congregation erected a hand hewn stone cross to mark the graves of the nameless African Americans who are in the slave graveyard. Bishop Taylor spoke about “living in time” and the dual obligations we have to the past and the future. He spoke elegantly about how our ability to see sins in the past should not make us righteous about ourselves, but humble in the knowledge that we are sinning in ways that we can’t see and that our descendants will have to atone for. The secular conversation needs more of that.



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