A note on this blog

I want to reiterate something about my blogging. What I write here is my way of working through my thoughts on various topics and is never meant to be an authoritative statement on anything. If you start back last summer and read forward, you might see some development in how I think about museums and Confederate stuff. Part of this development derives from the fact that since last August, I have been teaching graduate level museum studies classes. I earned my MA in public history in 1998 and left museum work in 2008, so I have been a bit obsolete. These two semesters have given me an opportunity to learn, and re-learn, things I never knew or had forgotten. I am aware that smart museum people have already discussed many of the things I talk about here—particularly in regard to institutional change and tackling difficult subjects. So, what you are seeing is my own process of discovery and learning.

Wish more people would challenge me, but I guess I’m not that kind of blogger. (My poor students can tell you I’m a terrible discussion-prompter, so it’s kind of a thing with me!) But I just wanted to let you know that even when my language gets declarative and strident, I’m really asking questions and wanting to know more.


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