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Things are going well at the new museum. Turns out that all the hot air advocacy I’ve articulated on this blog over the last year actually is viable inside an institution, and even better, shared by others. This place is in transition–I’m excited about the direction it is heading, and glad to be able to be a part of it.

My own project is coming along. My team is fantastic and they keep pushing me to be better at what I do. We’re repeating to ourselves, be the exhibit you want this museum to be, and to that end, we’re doing our best to be visitor-centered, to take risks, and to be transparent about our work.

So I want to invite you to follow us at the Greenback America Tumblr—a behind-the-scenes look at our exhibit development process. I intend several things here. First, I want to share with the public the decisions that we make in creating an exhibit. This museum has so much baggage—folks think we have a Confederate agenda, or imagine that we’re adhering to a political correctness checklist. By talking publicly about this exhibit development process I hope to demonstrate that we are making choices based on best museum practices in the context of a larger strategic vision for the future of this place.

Second, as we aspire to visitor-centered practice, I want this to be part of an informal dialog with our target audiences.

We’re still getting our rhythm, but we are developing a mix of topics—descriptions of our actual work routines, discussion of the history of legal tender in the United States, commentary on trends in museums, and connections between the history of our story and contemporary resonances. By doing this, we hope to learn—in public—how to talk about our topic, and I would love for you to talk back.

Elsewhere, while I’ve been laying low on this blog lately, I’m active on Instagram @grahamhistory, so hit me up there.

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